Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

As usual Christmas was wonderful! I grumble every year when the kids wake me up at 5 AM. But I get up, grab my coffee (the kids set the timer the night before) and begin the ritual. Unlike previous years where I tried to by the kids everything on their list, this year we kept it low key. The kids each got a big present ( a nintendo DS for Bailey and a PSP for Joey), 2 games each for the new systems, a movie, a couple books, and a couple t-shirts for Joey and a pair of new jammies for Bailey.

When we decided we were going to focus more on others, I wasn't sure how the kids would like it. But as much as I complain about having spoiled kids, they are really pretty caring. We sponsored 3 different kids this holiday, 2 of which have parents in prison. The spending limit for the sponsors was $20 to $25. We had so much fun shopping that we almost doubled that.

As I was watching my kids open their gifts, I wondered how those other kids were reacting to their Christmas. I would have loved to see the look on one boys' face when he opened the battleship game and legos. Or the 8 year little girl that got the butterfly barbie and Hannah Montana microphone. I know I have complained about people's attitudes during the holidays but I am blessed and do not understand those that have so much anger.

This year I had more money to spend on Christmas this year than I ever have, however we decided to spend the money on others. We bought for more friends, we bought for stangers, we bought for members of our church who have touched us. We tried to spread the cheer to more people rather than spending more money on each person. Last night Joey said he forgot to get a present for one of his good friends. Rather than not getting his friend anything, he decided to give him part of his Christmas money.

That act made me think that maybe I am not doing such a bad job. I am teaching my kids what is really important. It isn't all about the material crap but about that look on someone's face when you have made a impact on them. In the Bible it talks about being judged by ones' works. I know I have a long way to go but it makes me feel good knowing that my kids and I are on the right path.

I am truly blessed this season...Are you?

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